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Optimize Your WordPress Images

A large amount of Internet content is made up of pictures, but most website owners don’t think to optimize their pictures for speed of better search engine rankings. Although WordPress comes with an option* to add alternate text to pictures, beginners usually don’t understand how to use that text, or how to use it to its full potential. Luckily, SEO Picture’s experts are well versed in this department, and can get your website’s pictures working harder for you.

Image Optimization

Titles and Alt text – or alternative text – is a descriptive attribute placed on a picture for your website. The user can hover over a picture on the webpage to see the picture’s title. The text shows up beside your mouse. It helps the search engines comprehend the significance of that image. Titles and Alternative text is also very helpful in situations wherein pictures are unable to be found on a page displaying the description of the picture even though it cannot be found.

screen reader
Alternative texts are also used to improve your website’s accessibility for people who are visually challenged or who utilize a screen reader device. A screen reader reads the whole text article aloud, and when it gets to a picture, the reader will say “Image: Title 123”. This procedure allows the listener to know why the picture is there, even though they may not be able to see it.

Where is WordPress Optimization used?

There are multiple ways to use alt text on a website. The experts at SEO Pictures can add alt text to your site in all of the areas outlined below:

Blog Pages

The “featured image” (a WordPress term) used on a post will use the alternative text on the blog page. This ID is also known as a category page.

Blog Posts

This is the location of the original instance of the picture, with its alternative text.


These appear immediately below the picture to tell the story in the picture.


Galleries are collections of pictures placed as a grid or slideshow on the webpage; each picture holds its own alternate text.

Image URL

Alternate text is also used as the title information in the picture’s link from the thumbnail (smaller version of the picture) to its image URL or to a full-size picture. This applies to pictures that are inserted into a page when using a content management system (CMS), such as WordPress.

Slide Shows

Although alternative text is used in slide shows, it is often not displayed. It is, however, still readable by web crawlers and robots.


These are used when linking the thumbnails of pictures to a larger version of the picture or to another page.


Valid Alternative Text


Invalid Pages

Why Should I Bother With Alternate Text?
SEO Pictures advises all its website clients to use alt text with their pictures. The biggest advantage to doing so is that it helps search engines find the website pictures and show them in “image” search results. Although search engines, especially Google, do not strictly focus on picture tags as a ranking factor for pictures, they also don’t completely ignore them either.
Accessibility Report

The other advantage is that the tags improve the accessibility of the website and explain the pictures to people with special needs.  Imagine someone is reading to you all the text on your website, which focuses on preparing gourmet recipes, and your have come to a recipe for Portobello mushrooms with white beans and prosciutto.  A picture of the final dish is on your site, and you could be hearing about the golden brown hues of the mushrooms, the tender-crisp prosciutto, and the perfect, creamy state of the risotto, but because there is no alt text on that picture, the screen reader simply says “Image: Mushrooms and Rice”. Alternate text makes your pictures visually appealing to people who can’t see them.

Alternative Text can carry one of the highest weights when scoring your website analysis.

  • Alternative Text 100% 100%
  • Amount of Content 75% 75%
  • Broken Links 78% 78%
  • Headings 99% 99%
  • Readability 84% 84%
  • Speed 92% 92%
  • URL Format 97% 97%
  • Accessibility Summary 82% 82%

Load Time Before (seconds)


Load Time After (seconds)

WordPress Speed

FASTER!!! Everyone worries about speed.Your website will instantly be running faster. Compressing your images not only increase your page speed but decreases the size of your backups. Fast web pages feel responsive to your customers, keeping them engaged and increasing your chances of gaining a client.

Speed jumped from 1.4 to 8.2. Reducing the average page size means faster load times and a better user experience. The graph on the left shows an average page reduction of 2.5 MBs after image optimization.

Feature Images Don’t Have Titles and Alt Text!

Don’t worry, we will optimize your blog and category pages for search engines. Typically, many WordPress websites don’t use alternative tags for featured images. 

In the screenshot on the right the alt tag is applied to the featured image on the custom blog page.

How Can 4 WP Optimization Help My WordPress Work For Me and What Is the Process?

Here’s how our process works

1. Click "Get Started Now"

Follow the link below to purchase your picture optimization services.

2. Place Your Order

Choose the number of images you want optimized on your website.

3. Give Us Access

Follow the instructions provided by us to give us access to your website.
Satisfaction Guaranteed
If you are not completely satisfied with your service we will refund your money and provide you with FREE SEO keyword suggestions.
Frequently asked questions from our customers
If you have a question not listed below just contact us.
Will the image text match my SEO strategy?
If you have optimized your website for search engines properly, and you have selected pictures relevant to your website, then your alternative text will match your SEO.
Do you work on HTML or any kind of CMS websites?
We work exclusively on WordPress websites. We have specific tools to help us mainstream the process and the WordPress websites can be accessed from any location.
Do you offer pictures size optimization for speed?
Yes, you may add image optimization to any SEO Pictures’ package.
How long will it take?
Your service can be completed in five to seven days, depending upon the size of your website.
Who does the work?
We are an American, US-based business and we outsource locally.


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