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WordPress Optimization Services

Step 3

Thank You for your purchase.

In your WordPress website, create a new user called “shepherd” using the email address web@shepherdsloft.com and any random password.

What to expect:
1) We will perform a website analyis of your website before and after to monitor improvement.
2) We will reset our password, login, and install our management tools then perform a backup of your website before we begin.

3) You will be automatically enrolled in a FREE 30 day website management service by Shepherds Loft to ensure that your website is backed up before we begin.

Special Offer

WordPress Risk Prevention Service

Reduce website outage by securing, cleaning, optimizing, and upgrading. You are already enrolled in the free 30 day trail but it does not include security or premium support.
Purchase your your first month for 1/3rd the price. No contract. Quit anytime.


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